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DASERA, provide a wide range of products and services relying on experience and trusted professional partners.

From technical and commercial assistance of your project including technology solutions that can leverage your business footprint, Dasera is committed and competent to stand with you to turn your project to reality.

DASERA provides all the services related to the client requirement based on experience between our designated team.


Furniture supplies include outdoor furniture, indoor furniture and office furniture. All made with the best quality materials with the finest finish.


Audio-visual equipment, telecommunication equipment, hotel security equipment, hotel technology, health club equipment, hotel automation equipment.

Project assistance

Estimate the total cost of a project. A project budget template includes a detailed estimate of all material procurement costs.

Building material

Building material is any material which is used for construction purposes. Many naturally occurring substances, such as wood, gypaum, paint…

Raw material

A raw material, also known as a feedstock, unprocessed material, or primary commodity, is a basic material that is used to produce goods..

Marine material

A multitude of materials are vying to rule the seas. Steel, aluminium and composite materials are competing to be the material of choice, with each making waves..


Our expertise lies with the identification of suppliers, goods and services, the negotiation of pricing, terms and conditions and in the delivery to the end user..

Hotel supplies

Hotel supplies include products such as furniture, appliances, utensils, and other equipment that are used at restaurants, hotels, resorts, and cafes…


Supply all types of floors such as Carpet, LVT, Wooden floor, Porcelain, Raised Floor


Supply all types of ceiling such as Timber ceiling, Acoustic Ceiling, Decorative Ceiling


Supply of all types of Cladding

Light fixtures

Supply all types of decorative light